The Modern Spiritual Impressionism of
Sufi Cherag Rev. David Seacord

Acknowledged as a pioneering master of modern spiritual impressionism, David Seacord’s award-​winning fine art imagery continues to garner increasingly widespread recognition for its “unique, non-​derivative, non-​constrained” portrayals of a universe “alive with self-​awareness”.

Intended as perceptual doorways, his growing painting legacy offers viewers world-​wide both “an important new form of impressionistic beauty” containing “an unusual integration of the indigenous with the ultramodern”, as well as “providing an intimate access to the dreamtime and the mystical”.

Born in 1948 of European and Onondaga (Native American) ancestries, David Seacord has been a lifelong creative artist, expressing as a musician and writer before discovering himself as a painter at the age of 50. Based from Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1980, he exhibits his work in selected fine art venues, and at events nationwide.