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Artist Statement & Biography


Artist Statement

My intention in painting is simply to be a contributor of beauty to this world. I work to create images which express in form the subtle moods of nature, images which call forth the entire range of human emotional aliveness, which express perspectives that bring freshness to the familiar, which provide cultural access to normally unfelt sensitivities, and which chronicle the human spiritual journey.

To fulfill this intention, I work to achieve what I call  following the beauty. The art of this, while actually painting, is to be in an active surrender to the constant (often unique) choices that continually arise. And then, to sense the timing–when it is the exact perfect moment to STOP.

Like finding focus in a fog, to evoke with my medium just enough form, just enough definition, just enough Art to cause an embrace of the emotions or trigger original perception… whatever my styling or subject matter, it is for this I labor.


Born in 1948 as second child of eight,  David Seacord was raised as a Protestant ‘preachers kid’ in small rural towns of the northwestern USA.  Following collegiate years at the University of Oregon, he devoted most of his twenties (the 1970’s) to living in alternative/​spiritual communities, and world traveling as a young explorer of life.

In 1978 at the age of 30, David was ordained a ‘Reverend Cherag’ by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan (19162004), then Head of the Sufi Order of America (a faith-​path  that honors the similar humanity-​unifying principles and ideals found in all the worlds major religions). Beyond  ‘via his paintings’ he expresses his spirituality primarily through the practice of yoga, meditation, eating a conscious diet,  playing musical instruments (especially piano), writing various forms of literature (poetry, songwriting, blogs etc.), and gardening.

In 1980 David established a successful business as a professional piano technician in Santa Fe,  New Mexico, where he lived and worked as a skilled craftsman for over a quarter century.  Since discovering himself as a painter in 1999, he has shown his work throughout the United States to steadily increasing recognition.  Currently situating his studio on ‘the old family homestead’ in Prairie City, Oregon, USA, he continues to be an increasingly noted artistic presence, with on-​line fans and collectors situated both nationally and world-​wide.

A Letter from the Artist

I did not follow the normal path to becoming a professional painter. And while I did not go to any formal art school, I have felt since I was a youth that “someday, I will be a painter”.  As a young man, I developed a deep sensitivity to nature by spending eleven wonderful summers employed as a US Forest Service Fire Lookout in several different highly isolated wilderness areas of Oregon and Idaho. There, alone in my summer-​long hermitages, I expressed and developed my artistic creativity by sketching wilderness landscapes, photography, stone carving, playing my guitar, and doing extensive off-​trail exploring of the deep wilderness around me. These “isolated in the wilderness” summers formed the backbone of my inner connection to nature, and are an evident empowerment to my work as an artist now.

Eventually however, to meet the practical necessities of the world and make a living, I chose a musical direction and became a well-​trained professional piano tuner/​technician, fortuitously settling down and building a business in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From that base, I begin to meet many inspiring local visual artists.

The artistic influences of nationally known painters Eyvind Earle, Merrill Mahaffey, Julian Sibony, and Christopher Lange all reached my life because I was first their piano tuner. They and many other lesser-​known artists would graciously take me into their studios after the tuning was done, and I would be ‘all questions’, their answers often staying with me to this day.

And, as a well-​regarded piano technician making residential service calls throughout Northern New Mexico, I was also given access to many wonderful affluent-​home private art collections, the owners of which were almost unanimously delighted to explain to me numerous distinctions of their art appreciation. These experiences (plus decades of living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with all its art and cultural events, museums and galleries) made up my early ‘art’ training, and in time, opened the way for the painter within to emerge at the age of 50. Soon recognizing I had found another ‘life’s work’, I have never looked back. May you benefit from the results.

And finally, a writing excerpted from the David Seacord blogger’s pen…

After Mastery.…..

After mastery…that is where the true journey actually begins. That is where new breakthroughs in self-​generated learning come from. The exploration of the completely uncharted does not happen in mapped territory. Anyone who has ever become really good at anything knows this.… that once the teachers have taught you everything they know, if you are passionate for knowledge, you don’t stop there …like it’s the end, the destination.  Doing that is for those who only desired to acquire a masterful competency, i.e., the functional fluency that allows for winning the games of this life. While, yes, this has merit…yet…it is in arising newly, as if with new eyes newly seeing the already well known, and THEN… still continuing…going beyond such fluency– that is where exists the territory of the genius creatives …calling out to those who will go into realms of subtleties no language can yet express. Out of sight of even any memory of solid land, beyond beyond beyond, that journey irresistibly beckons to only those truly freed from the self-​limiting ideas of the impossible.  While this may seem to a great many like entering insanity, it is actually being given the greatest of graces.