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Newsletter and Sign‐​Up Links


Newsletter and Sign‐​Up Links

You can hear from me several ways:

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Everyman’s WEEKLY Journal, Commentaries on the Human Spiritual Adventure is a semi‐​weekly blog delivered by email only directly to subscriber inboxes.  It presents the serious personal writings of David Seacord as a spiritual explorer of life, and leads the reader (via poetry, prose, story, and thoughtful commentary) through the varied internal and external life‐​landscapes of the artist. You may unsubscribe at any time with a single click, and again, this list is never shared.

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In 1986 David became the author of The Love Declaration, a ‘covenant for transforming humanity’,  and throughout his life it has been the focal point of his active ministry to share the body of wisdom that this soul declaration rests upon. Much fuller information about The Love Declaration is available by visiting  www​.thelovedeclaration​.org.

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The simple act of singing was my first art love.  I continue to play a number of instruments, write songs and instrumental music, and record these in my private home studio.  On occasion I also perform publicly.  The link below will take you to my Bandcamp webpages, where you can listen to (and if you wish, purchase) many selections of my musical creations.

Click here to listen to some of David’s original musical compositions and songs.

Thank you for appreciating art and being committed to living a contributive life!

David Seacord