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Upcoming Events

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Dear Art Lover,

Thank you for your interest in my future events.  After many years (20092015) of semi‐​sabatical experiences primarily focused on my parent’s needs, I am preparing to reenter more active affairs.  What I would like you to know is that I am ‘reformatting’ my envisioned future activities to allow for creating events which are much more integrally expressive of my spiritual nature.

I do intend to continue to place my art before you, yes, but I do not expect to do it very often as I have done it in the past.  This is because my most urgent calling now is to promulgate to the world the ethic of selflessness via the practice of being loving [as cap‐​stoned in The Love Declaration (see below)]. Because I believe that the widespread practice of selflessness by humanity is imperative if mankind is to survive the confluence of extinction forces swirling upon this earth, this is, in effect, a ministry, wherein my paintings and prints thereof are called upon to play a support‐​role part.  Upon the upcoming completion of my first book about Love and the satisfactory recording of my newest music, I am intending to began touring  again as an ‘artist/​speaker/​musician/​workshop facilitator’.  That is my very simple plan.…to integrate everything I have to offer and to go wherever I am invited to share that (if it is within the realm of functional/​fiscal possibility).   Please investigate creating a partnership with me in this, as I would be delighted to work under your sponsorship to create an event (either in your home or your community) where my painting would be available and on display, my music could be shared, and my talents as a seminar‐​leading/​creativity‐​teaching artist sharing a journey of Love could be offered.  Thank you.

David Seacord

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